Friday, February 27, 2009

Loving Valentines Day

Can anyone believe it’s actually February? I feel like 2009 is going by at lightning speed. My birthday this past weekend an it was amazingly fun and eventful. But now it’s Monday, and I am like, last weekend was my birthday, this weekend is Valentine’s Day.

So what do you do for V-Day? Some of you are single and some of you have beaus to spend time with; some of you hate V-Day and some lavish in it. So no matter your feeling on this day that worships a lil’ naked baby with wings, you are gonna feel the sting of his arrow. Here are our top ideas!

Valentine’s Day For The Single Girl or Guy

1. Go see a movie - Confessions of a Shopaholic comes out Friday! I have mixed feelings on this one, but I love Sophie Kinsella and have read the majority of her books. I have to see if the movie translates as well as Candace Brunshell’s did for Sex and the City. Plus, over the top Carrie Bradshaw-esque fashion is always a must see.

2. Get thrifty and - maybe - get famous - Have you recently purchased something from Well, I have a challenge for you. Go to your local thrift store and buy something vintagy to go with it, but you can’t spend more than $50 on the whole shabang. Want to be even more creative and frugal? I am willing to accept you diving into the depths of your closet and creating an outfit that is uniquely you out of what you have. Take a picture and email it to me at macalaw at Not matter if I like it/love it/hate it, I will showcase it on the blog.You can also upload it to our facebook fan page.

3. Try some healthy/ alternative cooking - Anyone around here will tell you I am health nut, so I challenge you to try some healthy cooking. This weekend, I made my own gluten-free cookies. Healthy doesn’t necessarily mean fat free/low carb, it means health smart. Removing certain things from your daily diet can improve your health. Wanna good book, I suggest then pick up French Women Don’t Get Fat and learn how eating locally and in small proportions can cause drastic differences on your waist line.

4. Use Facebook to get fashionably connected - I know the majority of our readers are on facebook, and if your not, then you need to be! If you want to keep V-Day low key, stay in and work on your Facebook feeds. You be suprised about how many of your favorite brands are constructively using Facebook - Hayden Harnett, H & M, Gap, BCBG and even 1928. You can find discounts, private sales and things that just are offered anywhere else - not even your on your most secret coupon sites.

Facebook is where it’s at. You can also find local networking events, concerts and other things that will make you feel like the queen diva of your area. Great example: I went to a jazz concert with my beaut at Hotel Cafe in Hollywood to Julianna Raye, very low key. But afterwards, Sara Barielles took the stage in a secret concert (yeah, the “I’m Not Gonna Write You A Love Song” girl), followed by acustic sets from Counting Crows. Kate Hudson was sitting in the crowd too. All because of Facebook back channels.

5. Wash away the whining with some wine - Not a huge fan of this holiday, fine. But please don’t whine and moan about it. Instead, go to your local Cost Plus, World Market (yes, it’s okay, we are living in hard times and they have great prices on wine and a fairly good selections) and explore Italy, France and Spain through some vintage vino. Expand your palate, if your a Chardonnay girl, then try a Pinot Noir or get gutsy and try a Grenache or Spanish Temperanillo. Reds go well with the dark chocolate you can buy yourself.

Valentine’s Day For The Coupled Girl or Guy

Create a French style open table meal and a romantic evening at home - I don’t know if you have a La Pain Quotidien in your area, but they’re a staple to LA living. I suggest taking the theme of a country open table and bring it home. This requires a trip to Whole Foods or the local farmer’s market. Buy a loaf of bread, three to five different styles of cheese, strawberries and pears. You can add a bit of Middle Eastern/Greek flair by purchasing olive tempanade, hummus and cucumbers. Also make sure you pick up a few organic mixed greens for a light salad. Cut them up, lay them out on open platters (finger food style). Take a blanket or table cloth and spread it out on the floor in your living room or bedroom, wherever you have more space. Open a bottle of very fine bubbly or wine of your choosing. You can have a romantic evening to yourselves. What comes after the food is up to you.

Create something that special to you - The couple’s recommendations are shorter than the single ones. Personally, I think couples need to create an experience that is unqiue to them. While some of us enjoy crowds and people, others would perfer a weekend alone. So visit the place you first met, do something that both of you have never done before, visit your local contemporary art museum; whatever allows the two of you to connect and rekindle some steamy, hot passion.